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Michael's Boxes History


Michael started Michael's Boxes in 1979 and since then he has grown it into one of the premier gift box sites in the world. The width and depth of our range is second to none and this together with a competitive pricing policy has assured us of world wide popularity and a customer base of friendly and discerning buyers.


Michael's Boxes the place for Limoges:- Our speciality is Limoges Boxes and as we have our own artists in Limoges, we are able to make our own boxes many of which are limited editions. These have not only proved very collectable but also a wise investment over the years. We also sell other manufacturers boxes and thus we provide one of the widest ranges of Limoges boxes anywhere all competitively priced.


As we started out originally selling Antique Boxes you will see many of these throughout the site but over the past few years we have also specialised in English Enamel boxes such as Halcyon Days, Staffordshire Enamels, Crummles and other smaller makers. These have proved so popular that they now  make up different catagories of their own.


 Michael's Boxes is willing to purchase your enamel boxes. If you have a collection of enamel boxes or indeed one box we are willing to discuss your price. Please note as we have our own decorators in Limoges we do not buy Limoges Boxes.

Michael's Boxes Missionary Statement:-

Michael's Boxes will not be boxed in by the present economic conditions nor become cracked, crazed or unhinged by the levels of tax or VAT. By boxing clever we promise to provide our customers with the widest range of boxes we can and all at very competitive prices, thus out boxing our rivals with their cheap foreign forgeries or the elitist whose prices only a box magnate could afford. This I swear! Till I leave in my last box!!!