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Features some of the classic designs that have proved popular over three hundred years.

CE Snowman

This is a classic Christmas scene of building a snowman.

  • £25
  • Size (ins):1.3/8 diameter x 3/4 high
  • Size (cms):3.5 diameter x 1.8 high
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CE Shepherd and Sheep

This is an idyllic country scene with a shepherd playing a flute surrounded by his sheep.

  • £35
  • Size (ins):2 across 1.7/8 wide 1 deep
  • Size (cms):5 across 4.5 wide 2.5 deep
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CE Christmas Lamp Lighter

This is an interesting box as it features a 19th. Century lamp lighter in Christmas dress against a snow filled background.

  • £40
  • Size (ins):1.3/4 diameter x 1.1/8 high
  • Size (cms):4.5 diameter x 2.8 high
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