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Mauchlin Ware began in the town in East Ayrshire in Scotland and were made by the firm W&A Smith between 1820 - 1833.

MW 'The Chase'

This is a Cotton Holder from about 1890.

  • £80
  • Size (ins):3.3/8 tall x 2 diameter
  • Size (cms):8.5 tall x 5 diameter
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MW Lewes Castle Gateway

From 1890 these Mauchlin Ware boxes proved highly sought after as a memento of a holiday visit.

  • £40
  • Size (ins):2.1/2 diameter x 5/8 high
  • Size (cms):6.5 diameter x 1.7 high
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MW Scottish Root Snuff Mull

This is a 19th. Century Scottish Root Snuff Mull which features a Huntsman and Burns Cottage.

  • £390
  • Size (ins):2.1/4 long 1.3/4 wide 1.1/2 deep
  • Size (cms):5.5 long 4.5 wide 3.8 deep
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MW St.Botolph's Boston

This Mauchlin Box has 'St.Botolph's Boston' on the side.

  • £40
  • Size (ins):3 x 2.1/8
  • Size (cms):7.5 x 5.5
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MW Saltburn by the Sea

Mauchlin Ware thread box which features 'Bridge and Pleasure ground Saltburn by the Sea.' Circa 1890.

  • £50
  • Size (ins):2.1/2 x 1.3/4
  • Size (cms):6.5 x 4.5
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MW Bottle 'Isle of Wight'

This is a treen bottle which I believe is a Thimble Holder. It is marked \\\'Sandown Bay
Isle of Wight.\\\'

  • £38
  • Size (ins):3 x 1.1/4 across
  • Size (cms):7.5 x 3 across
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