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Michael's Boxes for Mr.Box who specialises in London tourist boxes along Limoges lines.

Mr. Box - Guardsman

These are China Boxes made for Mr.Box as London tourist boxes. This one is of a Guardman. The EZ standing for Queen Elizabeth.

  • £10
  • Size (ins):2.3/4 tall 1.1/4 across 1.1/8 deep
  • Size (cms):7 tall 3.3 wide 2.5 deep
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Mr. Box -Taxi

A London Black Taxi is one of the iconic images of London and this one is affordable too.

  • £10
  • Size (ins):3 long 1.3/8 wide 1.3/4 high
  • Size (cms):7.5 long 3.5 wide 4 high
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Mr. Box - Telephone Box

Mr.Box specialises in boxes that are iconic images of the UK and here is one of the most famous - The Red Telephone Box.

  • £10
  • Size (ins):3.1/4 tall 1.1/4 square
  • Size (cms):8.5 tall 3 square
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Mr. Box - Bowler Hat

The Bowler hat. No well dressed man should be without one.

  • £8
  • Size (ins):2.3/4 long 2.1/4 wide and 1.1/2 high
  • Size (cms):7 long 5.7 wide 3.8 high
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