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A wide and interesting category this one especially for the culture vulture..

CE Mozart 1756 -1791

Wolfgang Amadus Mozart 1756 - 1792 is written inside a the Crummles stamp is on the base.

  • £30
  • Size (ins):1.7/8 across1.1/8 deep
  • Size (cms):4.5 across 3 deep
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CE Violin

This is a beautiful box and if i say so myself a bargain price.

  • £40
  • Size (ins):2.1/2 across 1.1/4 high
  • Size (cms):6 across 3 high
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CE 'If Music be the Food of Love..'

This box depicts an Elizabethan couple in front of a thatched house. Whist inside is a drawing of music and instruments.

  • £30
  • Size (ins):1.3/4 across 1.1/8 tall
  • Size (cms):4.5 across 2.8 deep
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