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This sheep is laying down in a straw bed inside a picket fence what more could ewe want? Sorry about that.

  • £50
  • Size (ins):2.3/4 long 1.3/4 wide 1.7/8 high
  • Size (cms):7 long 4.3 wide 4.5 tall
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Long Brown Fox

I found this rather amusing to put this fox in the Farmyard section.

  • £28
  • Size (ins):3 long 1 wide 1.1/2 tall
  • Size (cms):7.5 long 2.5 wide and 4 tall
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This Tortoise is one of our boxes and is based on the the myth of the Tortoise and the Hare which is why there is a race track inside and the clasp is in the form of a Hare.

  • £38
  • Size (ins):2.1/4 across 1.1/2 wide 1.3/4 tall
  • Size (cms):5.3 across 3.5 wide 4.2 tall
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Sunbathing Pig

In these winter months don't you envy this sunbathing pig on his striped blanket. Inside the box is his red and white life buoy.

  • £40
  • Size (ins):1.25 tall, 1.5 across, 2.25 long
  • Size (cms):3 tall, 3.5 across, 6 long
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This Box was especially made for Michael's Boxes in a Limited Edition of 25
and is therefore not only a suitable gift but a wise investment. Inside is a bottle of milk and underneath are the Limoges markings.

  • £40
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This box was especially made for Michael's Boxes, it has a boar for a clasp
whilst inside is a picture of an acorn. The pig is a happy animal with a smiley face which you can't quite see from the photo.

  • £40
  • Size (ins):2.1/4 long 1.5/8 wide 1.3/4 tall
  • Size (cms):5.5 long 3.8 wide 4.5 tall
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