Review Basket



This Crown on a cushion would make a lovely ring box for someone more than special..and do you know what ? Today is the day William and Kate annouce they are to marry...Aaahh!

  • £48
  • Size (ins):2 Square 2.1/4 tall
  • Size (cms):5 Square 6 tall
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Post Box

This is based on the iconic British Post Box with the Red Post Box colouring.The Royal Mail was the first modern Postal system in the World and with the Crown and E:R which stands for Elizabeth Regina (Queen Elizabeth Rules) reveal the symbols of State.

  • £35
  • Size (ins):2.3/4
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Tower Bridge

This continues our series of London. It is extremly well made with the London ship HMS Belfast inside...

  • £60
  • Size (ins):3.1/4 across 2.1/2 wide 3 tall
  • Size (cms):8 across 6 wide 7.5 tall
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Tower of London

This Tower of London was especially made for Michael's Boxes and features a crown inside to show this is where the Crown jewels are kept..

  • £50
  • Size (ins):2.1/4 tall 1.5/8 diameter
  • Size (cms):5.3 tall 4 diameter
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Suitcase with Six Cities

This suitcase is especially made for us with six Cities on it :- Paris - London - Rome on one side and Vienna - Berlin - Prague on the other.

  • £39
  • Size (ins):2.1/2 across 3/4 deep 1.3/4 tall
  • Size (cms):6.5 across 2.2 deep 4.5 tall
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British Bulldog (Ltd. Edition)

This 'British Bulldog' was especially made for Michael's Boxes as a Limited Edition of 100 boxes.

  • £50
  • Size (ins):4 tall (Eisel)2.1/4 wide 1.1/2 deep
  • Size (cms):9.1/2 tall (Eisel) 5.5 wide 4 deep
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St George

St George himself. The ultimate post Scottish referendum box?

  • £55
  • Size (ins):3 1/5 tall 1 1/5 wide 1 1/4 deep
  • Size (cms):9 tall 4 wide 3.5 deep
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Triptich of London

This is Triptich of scenes of London which features Tower Bridge at night in the centre. a Guardsman and Big Ben

  • £50
  • Size (ins):2 across x 2.1/4 high
  • Size (cms):5 across x 6 high
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