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LIMOGES BOXESGraduation and Professions

School Desk

This is the classic school desk which I sat at when I first started school. It opens to reveal a plume pen inside.

  • £45
  • Size (ins):2.1/4 x 2.3/4 x 2.1/4 hogh
  • Size (cms):5.3 x 6.5 x 6 high
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School Bus

This is a 'California School Bus' to be exact.

  • £30
  • Size (ins):2.3/4 long 1.1/8 wide 1.1/4 tall
  • Size (cms):7 long 3 wide 3.2 tall
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Female Lawyer

You wouldn't believe how many of my customers are solicitors or lawyers and at last this box features a female lawyer with the Scales of Justice inside and the Limoges markings on the base....

  • £45
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Law Books (Ltd. Edition)

These Law Books have been especially made for Michael's Boxes as a Limited Edition of 50.....

  • £33
  • Size (ins):1.3/4 tall 1.1/2 across 1.1/8 deep
  • Size (cms):4.5 tall 3.5 across 2.5 deep
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Blackboard and Satchel

This is a super box. It is a blackboard upon which is the ABC and a school satchel which upon opening has some arithmatic calculations.

  • £50
  • Size (ins):4.3/4 tall 2.3/4 wide 2 deep
  • Size (cms):9 tall 7 wide 4.5 deep
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This is the Dentist's Box - now open wide...

  • £45
  • Size (ins):2.1/4 across 1.1/2 wide 3/4 deep
  • Size (cms):6 across 3.5 wide 2 deep
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'I love my Teacher'

'I love my Teacher' with a X and a O. The X is for a kiss and the 0 is for a Hug.

  • £35
  • Size (ins):2.1/8 across 1.1/2 wide 1/2 deep
  • Size (cms):5.3 across 4 wide 1 deep
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