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LIMOGES BOXESLighthouses, Boats, Windmills

Lighthouse + life buoy

This lighthouse has a red and white life buoy which fits inside as a 'suprise' or can be displayed as I have done outside.....

  • £45
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Red Roof Windmill

This is an unusual box in the shape of a windmill and as one whose forefathers ran a mill I think it is lovely.

  • £40
  • Size (ins):1.3/4 across 2.3/4 high
  • Size (cms):4.5 across 7 high
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Diving Dingy

This rubber dinghy has two gas bottles which are used for diving.

  • £35
  • Size (ins):3.1/4 long 1.5/8 across 7/8 deep
  • Size (cms):8 long 4 wide 2 deep
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This is a very colourful Trawler complete with a coil of rope at the front and a box of fish at the back.

  • £40
  • Size (ins):3 long 1.7/8 wide 2.1/8 tall
  • Size (cms):7 long 4.5 wide 5 tall
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This Catamaran is in full flow.

  • £60
  • Size (ins):4 high 2.1/8 wide
  • Size (cms):10 high 5.3 wide
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