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LIMOGES BOXESBallet, Theatre, TV and Cinema


Pinnochio with his books. He looks quite innocent, doesn't he ....

  • £40
  • Size (ins):2.5'x1.75
  • Size (cms):7 x 4
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Ballet Girl on Stage

This Ballet Dancer is taking a bow on stage after a magnificent solo. She deserves it. The more applause the better.

  • £90
  • Size (ins):2.1/2 tall 2.1/4 across 1.1/4 deep
  • Size (cms):6 tall 5.8 across 3.3 deep
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This TV is showing wind surfing. Well at least it's not football..

  • £30
  • Size (ins):1.1/2 square 1 deep
  • Size (cms):4 square 2.5 deep
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